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An alchohol free solution - the only one you'll ever need

A credit card sized spray that fits just everywhere: sounds like a perfect companion wherever you go

Trendy, but more importantly:
extremely effective

NOON Antibacterial is a luxurious alcohol-free hand sanitizer spray that was formulated to avoid all bacteria resistance. It kills 99.999% of bacteria and is effective against SARS, H1N1, Noro, and Coronavirus.
It has a long-lasting effect which means you will be safe during the day.
Our product is gentle, doesn’t dry out the skin, and gives a natural
moisturized feeling. In addition, it contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin B5.

Figyelemfelkeltő. 10/10 baktérium utálja

Safety First

‣  Our product is dermatologically tested
‣ It’s safe for electronic devices,  touch screens, sensitive surfaces and soft fabrics
‣ Safe for children
‣ WGF 1 Classified, which means it’s environmentally and material friendly

We have also PH adapted (5.5) the formulation to make it skin friendly.
Our independent dermatology studies prove that it’s not irritating the skin. Our customers with eczema also love using it.

Our non-alcoholic antibacterial formula is designed not only to kill bacteria and be effective against viruses but also to stop the growth of biofilm. The biofilm is what the bacteria live from – and our technology prevents biofilm to grow on a treated surface.


Why is it better than alcohol?

It’s a frequently asked question, whether our product is as good as an alcohol-based sanitizer? The answer is simple: yes – but in reality, our product is way much better. Here’s why:

One of the biggest problems with alcohol-based disinfectants is that they have a solvent-effect, which means they also remove the good bacteria from the skin surface – moreover, alcohol doesn’t have any positive effects on your skin.

Our product doesn’t have a solvent-effect and doesn’t dry out the skin. It contains Aloe vera and B5 vitamine as well, it’s gentle to the skin. It moisturises and protects.

Another major problem with alcohol-based products is that certain strains of bacteria become resistant to them, and even enveloped viruses such as Noro virus have a very strong resistance to alcohol.

The physical and chemical mechanism of NOON Antibacterial  prevents bacteria and viruses from becoming resistant.

However, there is another serious argument against alcohol: its effect lasts only until it evaporates, in other words, for a few seconds.

Our product provides long-lasting active protection and the active ingredient stays on the skin surface (see the FAQ page for how it works). This makes it not only extremely safe but also highly effective.

Quick Overview


Vitamin B5, Aloe Vera, Biopolymers, Lactic acid. Active ingredient: DDAC (0.0495%)
Does not contain triclosan.

Alcohol0% (more effective than alcohol, see our FAQ page to read more)
Dose225 doses
SizeCredit card sized, thickness: 1 cm
SafetySafe for children, it can also be used on electronic devices
Clinical StudiesEN1500:2013, EN1499:2013, EN13 697, EN14476 Noroѵi𝗋ᴜꮪ, EN1276:2010, UNE- EN-14476:2014+A2:2019 (cοronα ѵi𝗋ᴜꮪ) , Dermatological  studies,  EN1650, EN13624, EN13727

Our product is vegan and cruelty-free. Made in Sweden.


I am happy with this product, I have given it to the whole family. Alcohol-based disinfectants have destroyed my hands. Special thanks to the Customer Service, they are very helpful.


I'm very satisfied with the product, unfortunately, my skin can't stand alcohol hand sanitizers in the long run, but this one is fine, plus point for the small size, because it fits in my pocket without any problem so I can have it with me at any time.


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NOON Antibacterial is not only fascinating, but also extremely effective.
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