The enthralling world of NOON

NOON is an international collaboration dedicated to making the finest, luxurious health, beauty and fashion products without compromising on quality. We design products with the aim of making your everyday life better, safer and more magical, using only the most advanced manufacturing technologies, all combined with an extravagant look.

Health & Beauty

What NOON health and beauty products have in common is that they have been developed with people and nature in mind. We work exclusively with the highest quality natural ingredients, combined with eco-friendly bio-science. The excellence of our products has been independently tested. However, it’s not just the excellent indicators that are important to us: we carefully select our research, development and manufacturing partners who are equally committed to protecting our environment.

Our health and beauty products are made in Sweden – a country where innovation is a tradition. All our products are cruelty-free and vegan.


Try what it feels like to have a premium hand sanitizer with you at all times. No sticky formula: one spray and you’re protected from germs. With a beautiful design.


Are you interested in our products and would like to become a partner? Do you have a remarkable idea and would you like to work with us? Contact us today.

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