Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we answer some of the most frequently asked questions.
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NOON Antibacterial

NOON Antibacterial is gentle to the skin, thanks to its completely alcohol-free formula. However, its active ingredient kills viruses and bacteria. It also contains vitamin B5 and aloe vera.
It provides several hours of active protection, unlike alcohol-based hand sanitizers, which disinfect but can dry or damage the skin and provide no further protection after use.
Our products are vegan, not tested on animals and can be used on electronic devices.
All this in a bank card-sized package.

The special formulation of our product allows it to kill viruses without alcohol. This is proven by numerous independent laboratory tests, including a successful test against coronavirus. These tests are carried out in accredited European laboratories, following strict ECHA standards.

Yes. Our product has been successfully tested against coronavirus (EN-14476:2014+A2:2019) and has performed with outstanding results: effective within <60sec

A key feature of NOON Antibacterial is that the antibacterial active ingredient is attached to a cationically charged biopolymer with increased molecular size. In simple terms, this polymer system prevents the ingredients from being absorbed into the body and thus remains on the skin’s surface, allowing long-lasting active protection even after drying.

We carry out continuous testing in several accredited laboratories in the EU to verify the efficacy of our products. The following tests have been performed on the product:

  • EN1500:2013
  • EN1499:2013
  • EN13 697
  • EN1276:2010
  • UNE- EN-14476:2014+A2:2019 CORONAVIRUS
  • dermatological test
  • EN1650 (new)
  • EN13624 (new)
  • EN13727 (new)

Spray at least 1-2 times on your hands and rub thoroughly. It dries in a few seconds and there is no stickiness.
It can also be used on other surfaces, including electronic devices. For example, to disinfect a mobile phone, spray 1-2 times on the device and wipe it with a cloth.

The duration of the effect depends largely on the target area and individual activities (e.g. how often we touch things, how much our skin wears, etc. ), which is why it is difficult to give a general number. For example, it can remain active for up to 6+ hours on a skin surface, but on other surfaces for 24+ hours with up to 99.999% efficacy.

Yes, our product is ideal for disinfecting electronic equipment. The product has anti-static properties thanks to the cationically charged biopolymer system, making it safe to use on electronic devices: mobile phones, tablets, keyboards, etc.

We are currently working on our partner and reseller program, which will soon be made available to all. If you would like to join before the launch, please contact us.

NOON Sleep

The product is incredibly easy to use:
1. Shake well the product.
2. Spray 3-5 times into your mouth 15 minutes before going to bed.
3. Do not swallow it for 30 seconds.
4. Swallow after 30 seconds

NOON Sleep is a medium-strength sleep aid on the market and contains only natural ingredients. It is classified as a food supplement.

For maximum effectiveness, it is recommended to use the product regularly, every day before going to bed.

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